How does TestDome protect against cheating on tests?

All our questions are protected from copy/paste, and you can also enable email verification and webcam proctoring for candidates.

Our questions are unique and handcrafted by our team, not common interview questions that can be found online. Because of this we encourage candidates to use any resources they normally would as they would be able to do so in most jobs.

If in some case one of our premium questions does get posted somewhere online, we have a system which constantly monitors search engine results for all occurrences of our questions and we react as soon as a leak is found. Reactions range from sending a removal request, which works most of the time, to deprecating the question and replacing it with a new version.

On top of that, we have learned cheating doesn’t happen nearly as often as people think it does. Candidates most likely expect that they will have to talk to someone experienced after passing the test so they avoid embarrassing themselves by having a high score on the test and then not knowing to answer anything else in person.