Question Difficulty

Modified on Tue, 19 Dec 2023 at 04:43 PM

TestDome questions come in two difficulties: Easy or Hard.

When we create a question, it is reviewed by several experts in the targeted skill. For general skills (such as Reasoning questions), each question is tested by at least 100 people. We use this feedback to make changes to the question where necessary.

After this process, we set the difficulty according to these guidelines:

  • Easy questions should be solvable by junior candidates with 6-12 months of experience.
  • Hard questions should be solvable by senior candidates with more than 2 years of experience.

After a question is released, it is reviewed several times per year, and we modify the question or adjust the difficulty based on statistics. The score distribution of each question is calculated after at least 100 candidates solve the question, and this data provides useful feedback we use to make necessary changes.

Employers hiring junior candidates usually use Easy questions, while those hiring senior candidates tend to pick Hard questions. This is why the score distribution can be misleading if you compare questions with different difficulties, as Senior candidates often score better on Hard questions than Junior candidates do on Easy questions. Also, what is considered a “Senior” candidate can vary between different companies, depending on their understanding of seniority. This is why you may notice some candidates achieving scores that are noticeably different compared to the score distribution chart.

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