Can we have multiple users on the same account?

Yes, there are 5 different user roles:

Owner - Access to all tests and account information, as well as payment data.

Super User - Access to all tests and account information, but no access to payment data.

User - Access limited to their own tests. No access to account information or payment data.

Viewer (all) - Read-only access to all tests on the account.

Viewer (shared) - Read-only access limited to shared tests and results.

There can only be 1 Owner per account, but other roles don’t have a user limit. You can add new users and change user roles in your user settings.

Can I share test results with others?

Yes. You can use the “Share” button on the results page for a test to share the test results of all candidates on that test. There is also a “Share” button on the results of each individual candidate.

Who gets email notifications for the tests?

For invites via email: The user that sent the invites receives test results via email.

For invites via TestURL: The user that created the test will receive results via email.