Can we have multiple users on the same account?

Yes, there are 5 different user roles:

Owner - Access to all tests and account information, as well as payment data.

Super User - Access to all tests and account information, but no access to payment data.

User - Access limited to their own tests. No access to account information or payment data.

Viewer (all) - Read-only access to all tests on the account.

Viewer (shared) - Read-only access limited to shared tests and results.

There can only be 1 Owner per account, but other roles don’t have a user limit. You can add new users and change user roles in your user settings.

Can I share test results with others?

Yes. You can use the “Share” button on the results page for a test to share the test results of all candidates on that test. There is also a “Share” button on the results of each individual candidate.

Who gets email notifications for the tests?

For invites via email: By default, the user that sent the invites receives test results via email.

For invites via TestURL: By default, the user that created the test will receive results via email.

You can change your notification settings on the user settings page.

You can also specify additional users that should be notified by entering their emails in the "Notify to E-mails" field in the Settings tab of a test.