How do packs work?

When you buy a pack, a number of invites is added to your TestDome balance, based on which pack you choose. An invite is spent each time you invite a candidate to a test. If you need to test for different skills, you can combine questions from different skill categories into a single test so that you don't have to send multiple invites to the same candidate. If a candidate does not take the test, their invite will be automatically returned, and you can use it to invite another candidate.

Which payment options are available?

Our self-service accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay. Alternative payment methods are also available for larger packs (Medium and above), including Purchase orders, Wire transfers, Alipay, Sofort, iDEAL, and Giropay.

What happens when my invite balance reaches zero?

You will have to top up your account manually before inviting new candidates. You can switch to automatic top-ups on your payment settings page. This will automatically top up your account with the same pack when you use 90% of the previous one.

Can I top up with different packs?

Yes, you can top up with any pack at any time.

How long does my pack last?

Forever, there is no expiration date.

What about VAT (value-added tax)?

For certain countries, we are obliged to collect VAT on top of the listed prices. If you have a VAT ID you can enter it during the purchase process to remove the VAT charge.

Can I get a refund?

We can refund the cost of any unused credits minus a 10% handling fee up to 90 days after purchase.

Where can I find the invoice?

The invoice is included as a link in the email sent by our payment provider (FastSpring) whenever you make a purchase. You can also view your invoices in your payment settings.

How are wire transfers processed?

Here's the detailed explanation of the problem:

·  TestDome uses FastSpring as our e-commerce solution so FastSpring is the merchant of record for transactions between the customer and TestDome (i.e. invoices are issued by FastSpring and payment is done to FastSpring).

·  For receiving international wire transfers, FastSpring uses Global Collect.

·  To receive money cost efficiently, Global Collect has accounts all over the world.

·  International money transfers usually go via an intermediary bank. If they do, the intermediary bank takes USD 20-30 as their fee of the transferred amount.

·  Due to this setup, TestDome and FastSpring don't have access to the actual receiving bank account and are relying on automated detection by Global Collect which depends on correct usage by the account owner, payment reference, and matching the amount listed on the invoice.

What commonly happens is that accounts payable don't follow the instructions on the invoice for the account owner and/or payment reference (e.g. writing FastSpring as the account owner and/or TestDome as the payment reference). If that coincides with the payment going over an intermediary bank, then the sending bank considers the transfer successful, but Global Collect is unable to match it to the invoice as neither the account owner, payment reference, or amount match what was expected.

We don't need a SWIFT copy as proof that you paid. We need it to get what information was written by your accounts payable team so Global Collect can find the transfer and match it to  invoice.